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What Is UDMarkdown ?

Its a custom component for Universal Dashboard that let you render markdown inside Universal Dashboard.

Get Started...

  1. clone the repo
  2. cd into Source
  3. Run .\Powershell\build.ps1 it will create new folder name UniversalDashboard.Markdown
  4. import UniversalDashboard.Community
  5. import the compiled module from Powershell\UniversalDashboard.Markdown\UniversalDashboard.Markdown.psd1
  6. Run .\PowerShell\dashboard.ps1 to start UDMarkdown demo site.
  7. Have Fun!!!!

You Need To Install Node.js For This To Work.

Great Projects

This project was build from all those great project check them out.

Universal Dashboard



Support For Syntex highlight In Code Block.

changing the code block syntex highlight color

Go to .\Source\app\components\code\code-block.js Then change line 4 from github to somthing else.

Add syntex highlight to more powershell command

By default only build in cmdlets will be hightlight, to add more command do the following

Go to .\Source\node_modules\highlight.js\lib\languages\powershell.js and add your cmdlet name to line 67


alt text

Inline Code

Using -Styles parameter in New-UDMarkdown you can style any tag.

Code Block
Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard

$Page = New-UDPage -Name Home -Icon code -Content {
    New-UDRow -Columns {
        New-UDColumn -Content {
            # Get the content of markdown file.
            $md = Get-Content -Path .\PowerShell\DemoPage.md -Raw

            New-UDMarkdown -Markdown $md -ShowLineNumberInCodeBlock -Styles @{

                root =@{
                    border = '2px solid rgb(24, 26, 31)'
                    'background-color' = '#343a40'
                    margin = '20px 0'
                img = @{
                    # width = '50%'; 
                    display = 'block'; 
                    'margin-left' = 'auto'; 
                    'margin-right' = 'auto'
        } -LargeOffSet 3 -LargeSize 6

$dbProps = @{
    BackgroundColor = '#24292e'
    FontColor = '#b0bec5'
    NavBarColor = '#202529'
    NavBarFontColor = '#fff'
    NavbarLinks = @(
        New-UDLink -Text 'GitHub' -Url 'https://github.com/AlonGvili/UniversalDashboard.Markdown' -Icon github_alt -FontColor '#fff'

$db = New-UDDashboard -Title "UDMarkdown" -Pages $Page @dbProps

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $db -Port 10012


New-UDMarkdown Parameters

| Parameter | Value | | ------------- |:-------------:| | -Markdown | String | | -ShowLineNumberInCodeBlock | Bool | | -Styles | HashTable |

There must be at least 3 dashes separating each header cell. The outer pipes (|) are optional, and you don't need to make the raw Markdown line up prettily. You can also use inline Markdown.

Styles Parameter Options

For styling your markdown use the following options.

root - this will add styles to main container

h1 - h6 - add styles to heading

blockquote - add styles to blockquote

img - add styles to images

inlinecode - add styles to inline code only

codeBlock - add styles to code block only

p - add styles to paragraph

hr - add styles to horizontal row

em - add styles to emphasis text

strong - add styles to bold text

delete - add styles to delete text

link - add styles to a tag

For styling a table use nested hashtable

table - add styles to table container

thead - add styles to table header

tbody - add styles to table body

trow - add styles to table row

td - add styles to table cell

table = @{
    thead = @{
    tbody = @{
    trow = @{
    td = @{
For styling a list use nested hashtable

list - add styles to list container

ol - add styles to order list only

ul - add styles to unordered list only

listitem - add styles to a list item

list = @{
    ol = @{
    ul = @{
    listitem = @{


When you import this module by default the td css style from UDThme will be reset to unset , this is because UDTheme will override the Markdown style for td tag.

I added className for every style tag from the list above so you can use UDTheme to style the markdown doc, for example in order to style the table tag you will need to add this to your UDTheme definition

'.ud-markdown-table' = @{
    backgroundColor = 'red'

To style the table head add this code

'.ud-markdown-table-head' = @{
    backgroundColor = 'green'


Get this module from PSGallery UniversalDashboard.Markdown


Install using PowerShellGet Install-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.Markdown


Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Markdown


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